Find Issues Before They Become Serious Problems

Ultrasound screenings are great pro-active sources of information to your regular check-up with your physician. To be truly healthy, you must know your body inside and out. Our selective ultrasound screenings allow our patients to be pro-active about their health. We offer convenient, risk-free, painless, and radiation free screenings for men and women. Best of all, we do it with no x-rays involved.


Screening Package

NatScan's  screenings offer a convenient way for men and women to detect a multitude of potential hazards. You don't even have to leave home, because we come to you in New York, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey. Packages cost between $350-$850 depending on the needs of the patient, and it can be altered based on your needs; insurance does not cover elective screenings. Payments must be made at the time of scheduling an appointment. Our wellness screening includes:

• Carotid Arteries • Pelvic for Men & Women • Complete Abdomen • Aorta • Thyroid Screenings


While there are many ailments that this test can detect, NatScan is not a replacement for regular contact and follow-ups with your physician. What this service does provide is the ability to detect many types of pathology in advance, such as:

• Aneurysms • Cysts • Atherosclerosis Plaque • Masses


Fifty Plus Package

Screening for Carotid Arteries disease; Abdominal aortic aneurism, thyroid gland abnormalities

One For All Package

Good for all ages. It is screening for: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, abdominal aorta, thyroid, and pelvic for male or female clients

Total Body Package

It includes both "Fifty Plus" and "One For All" screenings


Get Started

Wellness screening can play an important role in keeping your body in good health. We are dedicated to helping people live long and healthy lives. If you are interested in this service contact us and we can arrange an appointment.



These pro active ultrasound screenings are solely for information and screening purposes. NatScan ultrasound personnel are not physicians and are not rendering medical care or services. Screening results are typically reviewed by an independent licensed radiologist before the tests sent to the client. It is client responsibility for confirming the results of screening, initiating follow-up care, and obtaining professional medical assistance, and not that of any organization associated with these screenings.

NatScan wellness pro active screening does not participate in the Medicare program and that these screening services are not reimbursable by Medicare.